Is Lunch Covered with The Unlimited Dining Package? 

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Embarkation day lunch is an important aspect of the overall cruise experience, setting the tone for the rest of the trip. This meal typically takes place on the first day of the cruise, as passengers board the ship and begin their vacation. It is an opportunity for guests to relax and enjoy a delicious meal while getting acquainted with the ship and its amenities. Many cruise lines offer a variety of dining options for embarkation day lunch, catering to different tastes and dietary preferences.

With the introduction of the Unlimited Dining Package on many cruise lines, guests now have the option to enjoy unlimited access to specialty restaurants for one flat fee. This package allows passengers to experience a wide range of dining options, from casual eateries to fine dining establishments, throughout the duration of their cruise. The Unlimited Dining Package can be a cost-effective solution for those who enjoy sampling different cuisines and prefer the convenience of not having to worry about additional dining charges.

In the past, embarkation day lunch typically consisted of a buffet-style meal served in the main dining room or poolside grill. While these options are still available on most cruise ships, the introduction of the Unlimited Dining Package has added a new level of flexibility and variety to the dining experience. Guests can now choose to dine at specialty restaurants for embarkation day lunch, trying out unique dishes and enjoying a more elevated dining experience.

As embarkation day lunch continues to evolve with the introduction of new dining packages and options, cruise passengers can look forward to a wider range of culinary experiences during their vacation. Whether opting for the traditional buffet-style meal or taking advantage of the Unlimited Dining Package, guests are sure to find a dining option that suits their preferences and enhances their overall cruise experience.

What Should You Know About Embarkation Day Lunch?

Embarkation day lunch is an essential part of any cruise experience. It is the first meal that passengers enjoy onboard the ship, and it sets the tone for the rest of the journey. This meal is typically served in the buffet or main dining room, depending on the cruise line and ship. Embarkation day lunch is an opportunity for passengers to fuel up after traveling to the port, and it allows them to start their vacation off on the right foot.

Advantages of Embarkation Day Lunch

One of the main advantages of embarkation day lunch is that it gives passengers a chance to relax and unwind after a long day of traveling. It also allows them to explore the ship and familiarize themselves with the layout. Additionally, embarkation day lunch is often included in the price of the cruise, so passengers can enjoy a delicious meal without having to spend extra money. This meal is a great way for passengers to kick off their vacation and get into the cruise spirit.

Embarkation Day Lunch: A Deeper Dive

Now that we’ve covered the basics of embarkation day lunch, let’s delve deeper into this important aspect of the cruise experience. In the next section, we will discuss the different types of food that are typically served during embarkation day lunch, as well as some tips for making the most of this meal. Stay tuned to learn more about how to make the most of your embarkation day lunch and start your cruise off on the right foot!

Embarkation Day Lunch

One of the most common questions cruisers have when purchasing an Unlimited Dining Package is whether lunch is included on embarkation day. The answer to this question can vary depending on the cruise line and ship you are sailing on. In many cases, embarkation day lunch is not included in the dining package. Instead, passengers typically have access to a buffet or casual dining option on the ship where they can enjoy a meal before setting sail.

Specialty Dining vs. Main Dining Rooms

When considering whether lunch is covered with the Unlimited Dining Package, it is important to distinguish between specialty dining restaurants and the main dining rooms on the ship. The Unlimited Dining Package typically includes access to a variety of specialty dining venues, which offer a more upscale and unique dining experience. These venues often require reservations and may have an additional cover charge for dinner. On the other hand, the main dining rooms on the ship typically offer a more traditional dining experience with a set menu and dining times. Lunch in the main dining rooms may or may not be covered by the Unlimited Dining Package, so it is important to check with the cruise line for specific details.

Port Day Lunches

Another factor to consider when evaluating whether lunch is covered with the Unlimited Dining Package is port days. On days when the ship is docked at a port of call, passengers have the option to explore the local cuisine on land or return to the ship for a meal. It is important to note that lunch in specialty dining venues or main dining rooms may not be included on port days, as passengers are encouraged to take advantage of the local dining options available ashore.

Additional Considerations

  • Some cruise lines may offer a lunch package as an add-on to the Unlimited Dining Package, allowing passengers to enjoy lunch in specialty dining venues or main dining rooms for an additional fee.
  • Passengers with dietary restrictions or preferences should inquire about the availability of accommodations in specialty dining venues and main dining rooms for lunch.
  • It is recommended to make reservations for specialty dining venues in advance, as these restaurants tend to fill up quickly, especially for dinner service.


In conclusion, the question of whether lunch is covered with the Unlimited Dining Package on a cruise ship can vary depending on various factors such as embarkation day, specialty dining venues, main dining rooms, port days, and additional considerations. It is essential for passengers to review the specific details of their cruise line’s dining package to understand what is included and make informed decisions about their dining experiences while onboard. By considering these factors and planning ahead, passengers can make the most of their dining package and enjoy a variety of culinary delights during their cruise vacation.